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Hi, my name is Stephane

Welcome food fans! My story is that I was once a huge meat eater, living my life as more of a carnivore. Then, cue the documentaries "Eating Our Way to Extinction" and "Seaspiracy" (seriously mind-blowing!). It struck me like a flying tomato: time to "Veg Up My Life"!

My mission? Dive into the colorful world of vegetarian living, whipping up mouthwatering veggie recipes, advocating sustainability, and embracing a kinder lifestyle to our dearest mother earth. Let's save the world, one delicious veg dish at a time!

Fun fact: "Pumpkin Sausage" was my sister's quirky nickname for me. And now it makes perfect sense in my journey; sausages aren't just meaty – there are fab meat-free ones too!

Pumpkin Sausage is your hub for lip-smacking vegetarian alternatives! I craft tasty meals with affordable ingredients, fresh, canned, or frozen, celebrating flavor with practicality.

Oh, and guess what? Fancy food doesn't need to cost a kidney. Our budget-friendly meal plans cater to all tastes and wallets. Let's face it, who's really got the time and money for slow gourmet cooking these days!

Don't forget to explore my online Gift Shop, packed with quirky food-themed goodies – perfect for gifting or adding humor to your kitchen.

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