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Japanese Stir-fry Noodles "YAKI UDON"

Updated: May 23

Well, foodies, let's dish about this tasty little number from Japan, shall we? So, you've got this word "Yaki" (焼き), right, and it's all about that grilled, boiled, and pan-fried goodness - talk about a triple threat! Then there's this "udon" stuff - thick, strapping strips of wheat noodles that are pretty much pasta's exotic cousin. And honey, let me tell you, when you whip these two together, you've got a Japanese recipe that's not just brimming with flavour but it's also skinny on the calories and fats. A vegetarian's dream, it is!

Time: 25 minutes | Servings: 2 INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons sesame oil 1 onion (roughly chopped) 1/2 white cabbage (roughly sliced) 150g shiitake mushrooms (fresh or dried) 4 spring onions (roughly chopped) 400g udon noodles (fresh or frozen) (or 300g dried)

For the mirin sauce mixture: 4 tablespoons mirin (a Japanese condiment) 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce 3 tablespoons soy sauce 1 tablespoon brown or white sugar HOW TO MAKE IT It’s a 3 part process! Part 1. Boil udon noodles

Part 2. Make mirin sauce mixture Part 3. The stir-fry (it happens quickly!)

Right foodies, put your aprons on, and let's get into it!

Part 1: Boil your udon noodles until they're "al dente", about 2-4 mins for fresh or frozen, 5-6 mins for dried, then drain and put aside.

Part 2: Whip up a mirin sauce with mirin, sugar, soy, and Worcestershire sauce, while getting your veggies ready for action. Get them all ready for the big stir-fry extravaganza!

Part 3:

1. Time for the big stir-fry show! Sizzle up the onions and cabbage in sesame oil for about 5 mins, then toss in shiitake mushrooms and most of your spring onions, plus the cooked udon and a bit more sesame oil.

2. Stir it all together for a minute, then bring in the mirin sauce and stir-fry until it's all hot and sticky, about 3 mins.

~ Serve it up with a dusting of spring onions. And voila! Dinner's sorted!

Bon appétit bébé!


Oh, foodies, let me spill the tea on "Yaki" and its fabulous history! Yaki, my food-lovers, is an enchanting Japanese term that carries the scrumptious essence of "grilled, boiled, and pan-fried" goodness. It's like a culinary triple-threat, hitting you with a delicious trifecta of cooking techniques.

Now, let's dive into the captivating tale of its origin. Picture this: we're transported to the vibrant streets of Japan, where the tantalizing aromas of street food dance through the air. Yaki emerges as a culinary tradition deeply rooted in Japanese culture, showcasing the ingenious artistry of the local chefs.

You see, Yaki has been a beloved culinary practice in Japan for centuries, with its roots reaching back to ancient times. The technique of grilling, boiling, and pan-frying has been honed and perfected over generations, passed down from one skilled cook to another like a delicious family heirloom.

Throughout history, Yaki has evolved and adapted, reflecting the diverse regional flavors and ingredients of Japan. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the serene countryside of Kyoto, Yaki has made its mark in countless households and restaurants, delighting taste buds far and wide.

The beauty of Yaki lies not only in its mouthwatering flavors but also in its versatility. It has found its way into a wide array of dishes, from grilled meats and seafood to hearty vegetables and, of course, our beloved udon noodles. Yaki embraces culinary creativity, allowing chefs to showcase their skill and imagination with every sizzle and flip of the spatula.

So, my foodies, the next time you savor a delectable Yaki dish, remember the rich history and culinary heritage it carries. It's a testament to the ingenuity and passion of the Japanese people, and it's a feast for both the stomach and the soul. Now, go forth and enjoy the wonders of Yaki with gusto!


Alright, let's break it down in true Alan Carr style! Here are the fabulous benefits of indulging in this marvelous Japanese Stir-fry Noodles known as "YAKI UDON":

Bursting with Flavor: This dish is a flavor explosion, my dears! The combination of sesame oil, mirin sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and sugar creates a tantalizing symphony of sweet and savory goodness that will have your taste buds doing the tango!

Quick and Easy: Who wants to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen? Not us, honey! This Yaki Udon is a breeze to whip up, making it perfect for those busy days when you need a satisfying meal without the fuss.

Versatile and Customizable: The beauty of this dish lies in its versatility. You can unleash your culinary creativity and customize it to your heart's content. Add some extra veggies, throw in some tofu or shrimp for a protein punch, or sprinkle it with your favorite herbs. The possibilities are endless!

Nutritious and Balanced: While this Yaki Udon is a flavor sensation, it also packs a nutritious punch. Udon noodles provide a hearty base, while the abundance of vegetables like onions, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, and spring onions adds a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keep you feeling fabulous.